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Charles Botensten

Entrepreneur. Youtuber. Wisdom Seeker. Cyclist. Uncle.
New York City

What's Up With This Guy

Likely the least of his classmates to be seen as anything more than average. Fun, outgoing, but far from entrepreneurial. Books set him free!

Outside of growing a midtown Manhattan residential he founded – a heavy devotion to learning absorbs his time.

Big dreams, goals, and aspirations lay ahead.

Charles Botensten

Botensten Properties International

BPI: Founded In 2014

BPI focuses on the latest and greatest to save the agent and client their most valuable resources – time.

Solely cloud and mobile based cuts out useless paper-pushing, and maximizes in-person client care.


Goals, Wellness, Habits, Mindset, Q&A
September 12th, 5:30p – 7p
1460 Broadway, 8th Floor (Conf. Room #8C)



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